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BMDCNV Retreat

Join us for the BMDCNV Retreat Weekend, Nov. 7-10, 2019, Ocean Park, Maine


Please read these notes and policies regarding Oceanwood before completing the form.

Oceanwood is a summer camp and conference center, with facilities that are dog friendly. Oceanwood is a dry campus. There are miles of trails, and it’s just 2 blocks to the ocean. The community is very dog friendly, and is a seasonal community. Dogs should be leashed on the main area of camp and throughout the neighborhood. There are trails that reach to the Goosefare Marsh and the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve. These are protected lands. Dogs are allowed off-leash, but be respectful of our neighbors and the wildlife. Maintain verbal control, or leash your dogs. Dogs are allowed at the beach anytime, and may also be off-leash there. Be mindful of other dogs, and make sure your dog is safe at all times. Keep off the dunes at the beach (these areas are protected by law).

  • While they welcome our canine companions, they have basic expectations for owners. They expect that you will *always* clean up your dog's waste (even in the woods!) and properly dispose of it. There are groups of people that utilize Oceanwood’s property on a year-round basis. There will be trash cans around the property, as well as a dumpster behind the dining hall. Please – honor this very basic sanitation request.

  • Any area identified as “no dogs allowed” means just that. Please respect these minimal limitations. Whoever was housed in a particular building will be held directly responsible for any damage to that specific location – regardless of who else may have been there with you. Any property damage, such as stains that require excessive cleaning, will be charged to the BMDCNV and we will in turn, charge you.

  • Crates in rooms and x-pens outside may be set up for the comfort of your dogs and management of multiple dogs. Dogs may be in your room, but must be crated when unattended. Any barking issues that require us to contact you will require your immediate attention. Please do not leave a “barker” unattended – you know who you are!

  • Park in designated areas only. Vehicles may not be driven on the lawn areas. Areas closer to doors may be used for loading/unloading zones.

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