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Puppy Resource Center

Thinking of adding a Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner) puppy to your family? The BMDCNV can help you learn about the basics of conformation and breeding, how to select a breeder, and provide information on health, nutrition, training, and other aspects of life with a Berner.

Finding the right breeder is the MOST important decision you will make in your impending relationship with a Berner. This is a decision that will be with you for the life of the dog. Do your research and you stand the best chance of sharing a fulfilling life with a Berner.

We strongly encourage all "potential puppy owners" to read all of the information found here in our comprehensive and informative Puppy Resource Center:

Please submit this form to access a list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders currently in the BMDCNV Breeder Referral Program.

More information:

Buyer Beware when looking for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

APDT Trainer Search: The Association of Pet Dog Trainers can help you get started training your new Bernese puppy in a positive direction. Learn how to choose the right trainer, and locate positive-reinforcement trainers in your area.

The BMDCNV strongly encourages puppy owners to utilize positive reinforcement training techniques but does not endorse specific trainers.

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