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Coming Events

The BMDCNV always has "something cooking" when it comes to fun Berner-related events! Find the latest updates below.

April 2 OFA Hip and Elbow Clinic, Suffield, CT

(As dates, locations and details get firmed up we'll provide complete information in the Event descriptions below):

April 23-29: National Speciality, Portland, OR
May 13 and 14: Spring Draft Tests, Sturbridge, MA
Saturday, June 10: Spring Fun Day
Saturday, June 24: Classic Kittery Picnic, Kittery, ME
Saturday, July 29: VT Picnic at Dog Mountain, VT
Sunday, Sept. 9: Tracking Test, Gardner, MA
Saturday, Sept. 16: Supported Entry, Falmouth, MA
September 30: Fall Fun Day, Westford, MA
Oct date TBD: Walk in Ridgefield, CT
Oct 21-22: Draft Tests, location TBD
Nov 10-12 Retreat Weekend, Ocean Park, ME
Dec 17: Holiday Gathering, Sturbridge, MA

You don't have to be a Club member to attend most events -- all "friends of Berners" are welcome! Come make new friends, learn about the breed, and watch those Berners dogs and puppies in action -- carting, showing, doing obedience or agility, or just having a blast!

Learn more about the events we participate in with our Berners!

Agility Conformation
Draft Herding
Obedience Rally Obedience

OFA Hip and Elbow Clinic
WHEN: Sunday, April 2, 2017
WHERE: Suffield Veterinary Hospital, Suffield, CT

The BMDCNV will host our 7th annual OFA hip and elbow clinic on Sunday, April 2, 2017, by appointment only. It is being held at Suffield Veterinary Hospital in Suffield, CT with Dr. Griffin O'Connor and Dr. Jason Haviar. This is just 11 miles south of Springfield MA with quick access to I-91.

This is not just for show dogs....all Berner OFA results listed in Berner Garde have the potential to assist in breeding decisions since many breeders look at all family data available when making their choices.

The cost is $175 per BMD, this is less than half of the regular cost at this clinic. This includes hip and elbow digital radiographs with sedation. It does NOT include OFA submission fee ($40 for both hip and elbow submission) which will need a separate payment if you would like them submitted digitally that day.

Did you know that if you submit 3 or more littermates' xrays at once you pay only a flat $90 OFA submission fee for all of them (for all the littermates, for BOTH hips and elbows)? There is also an option of a $15 per dog (elbows and hips together "kennel fee" if 5 or more dogs are submitted by one owner / co-owner at once).

Microchips will also be offered for a separate cost of $40.

Pre-sedation bloodwork is highly recommended to be done with your primary vet shortly prior to the clinic. Note that the sedative is butorphanol/dexdomitor which will have the dogs heavily sedated for the xrays and then given the reversal dose where they can walk out of the office within a short time.

Priority will be given to those who previously responded and then to any other BMDs. Feel free to mention this opportunity to all of your Berner friends, whether they are club members or not. If there are appointments remaining they will be offered to other breeds at a higher rate of $225.

Appointments must be made in advance and run from 9:00 to 4:00. Reply ASAP as you'll have your choice of appointment times and they may fill fast.

For an appointment please email Karen Fox at foxfirebmd@gmail.com and the registration paperwork will be emailed to you. Please contact her if you have any other questions.


View an online scrapbook of the 1988 Specialty. Many thanks to Club Historian Susan Todhunter for putting these treasured memories online!

Click here to see the historical pages from the 2011 Draft Tests - marking the 20th anniversary of draft tests hosted by the BMDCNV.

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