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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley (BMDCNV) was founded in 1981 and is recognized as a regional club by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America and the American Kennel Club. The club was established to serve the needs of all Bernese Mountain Dogs and club members. Currently there are more than 600 members in the New England states and beyond.
Learn more about the Club's history.

Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics.
This PDF contains the BMDCNV Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics.

Club Activities. All Club activities are open to members and friends of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Annually there are winter walks, picnics or hikes held in each one of the New England states. Each Spring the BMDCNV holds a Regional Specialty Show. Each Fall the Club hosts a Draft Test for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America. Then there are two very special events: the Spring and Fall Fun Days, with lots of family fun and activities and games for Berner puppies and veterans alike! Check out our current events.

Our annual meeting is held in March, April or May. Awards are presented to title holders followed by an educational presentation. Generally there are one or two more activities during the year. A number of other activities privately sponsored by individual members are listed in our newsletter.

Code of Ethics. In keeping with its aim of encouraging the development of excellent Bernese Mountain Dogs, the BMDCNV has adopted this Code of Ethics to promote and foster the highest standards among owners and breeders, and to encourage cooperation in the improvement, advancement, and protection of our breed.

The Bernerblatt. The Bernerblatt, mailed monthly, is included with club membership. It is an informative newsletter chock full of articles about members, Berners, activities, health issues, training tips and more.

New members are always welcome! Please visit our Membership page for more information and an application.

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